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Machine Drawing 3D Designs

While I was in high school, I opted a course in Engineering Drawing, which required a mini - drafter to sketch parts on an A3 sheet. I fell in love with the course and it increase my interest in 3D modeling ten-fold. 

We were provided with 2D and/or isometric sketches of different joints, bolts, pulleys etc. I have attached screenshots of the drafts along with screenshots of the 3D models below.

Using the 2D sketches as a guide, I was able to complete the design in Solidworks. 

The following parts in order, from left to right are:

  • Flanged Coupling

  • Solid Flat Pulley (Straight Arm)

  • Solid Flat Pulley (Disc Type)

  • Foot Step Bearing

  • Open Bearing

  • Knuckle Joint

  • Socket and Spigot Joint

  • Gib and Cotter Joint

There are many more parts which I have not got around to completing yet. Once I do, I will update this page accordingly. 

All images and sketches along with the completed solidworks files are available in this mega folder here.

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