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Ryzen 2200g Custom PC Build Log

This is my third build. The parts for this build were purchased in India was built in India, with the requirement being the cheapest system which could game older titles at very low 1080p/60fps. 

The parts were assembled in the Fall 2018. Prices for electronics are ridiculously high in india, so finding the cheapest parts without sacrificing a lot of performance was important.


Here is the parts list. Click on each part to go to the product page. The prices mentioned are from when I purchased the parts, so your view may vary. 


This system was meant to be a medium-workload PC to have at hand for myself while on vacation in India. Since prices for electronics are ridiculously expensive, I decided to build the cheapest system available. 

This was possible thanks to AMD's new Ryzen chips with Vega graphics. They Ryzen 3 2200G quad-core processor comes with Vega 8 graphics. With a base clock of 3.2Ghz and boost of 3.6Ghz. 

I decided to stick with the stock AMD cooler which came with the CPU. It looks great and does the job well.

For the motherboard, I opted for the cheapest Ryzen compatible motherboard on the market. I could have gone for a B450 series but would have to pay almost double the price. Besides, I don't plan on overclocking the chip since I will add an old GPU to the system in the future.

I opted for 8GB DDR4-2400 Memory. Dual channel, high speed memory is highly recommended for Ryzen processors, and this was a decent choice. The 3000 variant was more expensive than I expected.

I opted for a 240GB Western Digital Green SSD. Stuck with this for now since I might add another 2.5" Hard Drive from an old laptop later down the line.

Coming to the power supply, a 400W power supply would be more than enough for this system. Even a 300W would suffice. But I decided to go for the 550W since I plan to add more components to this build and it gives me some headroom to work with.

On to the case. I had a tough time trying to find a good case for this build. Most cases came with no USB 3.0 front ports, or ridiculous airflow, or poor interior layout. Fortunately I found this in the market and it is a decent Micro-atx case for the price.

After this beast was built, I got an BenQ GW2280 21.5" 1080p Display, which comes with built in speakers, although they are very poor. I opted to use an external speaker for media consumption.

For the keyboard and mouse, I went with the CoolerMaster Masterkeys Lite L RGB Combo with Mem-chanical switches. To be completely honest, having used a mechanical keyboard, this one felt terrible. The "mechanical feel" advertised is closer to rubber-dome than mechanical switches. I would not advise this keyboard for someone used to mechanical switches.



Very decent build for the price. Runs older titles and most e-sports titles at 1080p/50-60fps at super low settings. The case was easy to build in. Can also upgrade the CPU in the future if needed. Same for the GPU.

Unfortunately the A320 motherboard does not allow for overclocking, and the memory is limited to 2400 Mhz.


At the end, very satisfied with the build. Good price to performance ratio.  

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