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Uninspiring Rex for KLWP with Tasker integration

I started out this project to test tasker integration with KLWP. Which allows you to send variables from tasker to KLWP, and based on that variable, you can customize different items. 

Let me explain with an example. 

I want to the power saver icon to become white when power saver mode is enabled, and grey when it is off. This can't be done directly from KLWP, since there is no option within the software unlike connected to wifi or data. I create a task in Tasker which sets a %POWERSAVE variable whenever power saver mode is enabled, and sends that to KLWP via a keyword. KLWP then reads that keyword, which I have assigned to a global variable, and uses that to change the color from grey to white (in my scenario).

So as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless with Tasker and KLWP, and lets you expand your range of theme customization.

How to apply this theme


  1. You need an Android device with Android 5.0 or newer. 

  2. You need Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) Pro version. (Pro for you to import custom themes like this one) Link.

  3. You need a 3rd party launcher like Nova Launcher. Free version will work. Link.

  4. You will need Tasker if you want to utilize the complete notification section. Fair warning, this is a  paid app, and the learning curve is very steep. So look into it before purchasing. That said, these apps are well worth it in my opinion.

  5. If you want to use the wallpapers shown above, install the app Backdrops, from the playstore.

How to import

  1. Download the .klwp file from the resources section below.

  2. Copy and paste it into your 'Kustom' folder on your android device. Paste it into :'MainStorage'/Kustom/wallpapers/ folder

  3. Launch KLWP.

  4. Tap the top left hamburger to open the slide out menu.

  5. Tap 'Load preset'.

  6. Go to the 'Exported' tab and click on the theme to load it in KLWP.

  7. Tap Save on top right corner.

  8. Make sure to disable the dock in Nova Settings > Dock > Disable.

  9. Also make sure the home screen has 1 page. Long press on the homescreen to add or remove pages in Nova launcher.

  10. Now it is time to import the tasker project. 

  11. Copy and paste the project file into the 'Tasker' folder on your device. Paste it into :'MainStorage'/Tasker/projects/ folder. Create one if it is not present.

  12. Open Tasker. Tap the bottom left icon and select "Import Project". Make sure the tasks are enabled inside the project.

  13. Play around with the theme and enable/disable connections to check everything is in order.

  14. DONE!



This theme is not perfect. (Hence not on play store). I do this in my spare time. There might be a few issues depending on device. Most probably not. But I'll be happy to help. 

This theme was made using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which has been my daily driver since March 2019. So it should be compatible with similar devices. That said, it should also work with phones with 16:9 or other ratios. 

That should do it. If you have any troubleshooting questions feel free to contact me via the website, or Twitter and YouTube comments. 


A simple google search provided the png files for the various characters. The wallpapers are "Planet Z", "Slash Parade" and "Off the Wall" from the application Backdrops.

Thanks to KLWP, Nova Launcher, and Tasker devs for their apps. 

Resources & Download

This folder includes all images and files used to make this theme. Download the 'Rex_Pills.klwp' file, that is what you are looking for. It also includes the tasker project file for you to import in Tasker.

Click here to Download.

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