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Welcome, to my world. This started out as a platform to document my interests and projects, turns out it could be much more.

More showcase, less blog. 

Enjoy your time. 

[Python 3] Fantasy Premier League data fetcher (Windows and Excel 2010 required)

[Python 3] Fantasy Premier League data fetcher (Windows and Excel 2010 required)

UPDATED VERSION HERE: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This app does not work with Mac OS. The code works with Mac OS after the required changes if you have Python installed, but I have to compile the app with pyinstaller on a Mac OS device for it to be compatible with Mac. And I don't have a Mac device... if someone experienced with python is willing to compile it for me on a Mac let me know. Thanks and sorry. More info: Download on github This is an app which exports your Fantasy Premier League season history to an excel workbook. I am not a programmer. I do this as a way to learn more about programming. The code for this script is very raw and has plenty of things which can definitely be improved, and the code is not 'clean'. That said, I am satisfied with how this turned out. Will gladly accept advice/pointers from more experienced people to improve this code. Lets get to it. I enjoy the barclays premier league and play the fantasy a lot. One thing I did not like was the fact that you are not able to view detailed history of past seasons. So I started logging everything manually in excel sheets. Decided it would be easier to write a program for it. I chose python since I just started learning it a couple of months ago and the openpyxl module is a way to export data to excel sheets. I'm aware there is a possibility something like this already exists considering the number of 3rd party statistics sites available. But I wanted to make my own script.

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FPL Data Fetcher

Want to save your Fantasy Premier League season history for viewing it later? FPL Data Fetcher exports your season history to an excel sheet for easier archiving.

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