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Krieg Android Theme for KLWP


Borderlands 2 is an open world action role-playing first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the second game in the Borderlands series and the sequel to 2009's Borderlands. You can learn more about the game here.

Love this game. Still play it occasionally. Decided to make an android theme for it. Chose psycho since the media was readily available!


How to apply this theme


  1. You need an Android device with Android 5.0 or newer. 

  2. You need Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) Pro version. (Pro for you to import custom themes like this one) Link.

  3. You also need a 3rd party launcher like Nova Launcher. Free version will work. Link.

How to import

  1. Download the .klwp file from the resources section.

  2. Copy and paste it into your 'Kustom' folder on your android device. Paste it into :'MainStorage'/Kustom/wallpapers/ folder

  3. Launch KLWP.

  4. Tap the top left hamburger to open the slide out menu.

  5. Tap 'Load preset'.

  6. Go to the 'Exported' tab and click on the theme to load it in KLWP.

  7. Tap Save on top right corner.

  8. Make sure to disable the dock in Nova Settings > Dock > Disable.

  9. Also make sure the home screen has 3 pages. Long press on the homescreen to add or remove pages in Nova launcher.

  10. DONE!

The icons for this theme were created by MentalMars on deviant art. I have linked their page below. If you want different icons, go to their page and download the icons, then follow the steps below.

To change the application icons

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate icon file transferred to your mobile device.

  2. Open KLWP.

  3. Tap the "Green Screen 1" or Blue/Red screen group depending on what icon you want to change.

  4. Tap "Stack Group"

  5. Now each of the stack groups in this folder are either images, or text for each app.

  6. Click on the first stack group. You will see Explorer and Discord. You can change that to whatever you want.

  7. Now similarly you can change the other icons. Make sure to change the text as well. 

  8. To change the shortcut, so that tapping the icon opens the appropriate app. 

  9. Open KLWP.

  10. Go to the shortcuts tab. 

  11. If you renamed everything correctly, you should be able to easily change what application each icon opens. 

  12. DONE!


This theme was made using a Nexus 6P, which has been my daily driver since 2015. So it should be compatible with all 16:9 devices. That said, it should also work with modern phones with taller 18:9 or 19:9 displays. 

That should do it. If you have any troubleshooting questions feel free to contact me via the website, or Twitter and YouTube comments. 


All images used in the creation of this theme belong to the original authors. I have simply assembled the files to build this theme. Most of the images are sprays from the game.

Credit to MentalMars on deviantart for icons. Visit their page here.

Credit to PD-Black-Dragon for the Skill tree template. Visit their page here.

Both of them have done an amazing job. Credit to them for their work.

Thanks to KLWP and Nova Launcher for their applications.

Resources & Download

This folder includes all images and files used to make this theme. Download the 'Borderlands2.klwp' file, that is what you are looking for.

Click here to Download.

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