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Collection of Overwatch themes - set 1


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. You can learn more about the game here.

I started this with the already made Sombra theme which you can find here.

This set consists of themes for D.Va, Lucio, Junkrat & Roadhog, Mei, and Pharah & Mercy. For a total of 5 themes.


How to apply the theme


You can either follow the text tutorial, or the video tutorial, whichever is convenient. 


  1. You need an Android device. Any modern device should work. 

  2. You need Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) Pro version. (Pro for you to import custom themes like this one) Link.

    • For the D.Va theme, if  you want the lockscreen animation, you will need the KLWP Beta version, for that you have to 'opt-in' to get the BETA here.

  3. You also need a 3rd party launcher like Nova Launcher. Free version will work. Link.

How to import

  1. Download the .klwp file from the resources section.

  2. Copy and paste it into your 'Kustom' folder on your android device. Paste it into :'MainStorage'/Kustom/wallpapers/ folder

  3. Launch KLWP.

  4. Tap the top left hamburger to open the slide out menu.

  5. Tap 'Load preset'.

  6. Go to the 'Exported' tab and click on the theme to load it in KLWP.

  7. Tap Save on top right corner.

  8. Make sure to disable the dock in Nova Settings > Dock > Disable.

  9. DONE!

How to change the applications and shortcuts

  1. Load whichever theme you want to edit in the editor.

  2. On the main page tap on each application. You should see a pop up which shows what it will launch. For example: if you tap on 'Phone' there should be a pop up saying 'Launch app: Phone'.

  3. When you see that pop-up. Click edit and choose your application.

  4. To change the text from 'Phone' to whichever application you selected, scroll down in the editor and there should be a folder called 'Apps'. Open it. 

  5. From there  you can choose either app and change the text in the 'Text' field. 

There are multiple ways of changing applications and other items in the theme. Also you can add more apps or items if you want. That is the beauty of KLWP, you can customize the theme to your preference. You can play around with it and check out my other themes for different methods on changing applications.


I had also made a Sombra theme before, click here to check it out.



The themes are not perfect. There might be a few issues depending on device. Most probably not. But I'll be happy to help. 


These themes were created using a Galaxy Note 9. So it should be compatible with similar devices. That said, it should work for smaller resolutions. 

That should do it. If you have any troubleshooting questions feel free to contact me via the website, or Twitter and YouTube comments. 


All images used in the creation of this theme belong to the original authors. I have simply assembled the files to build this theme. Most of the images are sprays from the game.

The wallpapers for some of the themes were taken from this thread here.

Thanks to Blizzard for the sprays, and for making an amazing game.

Thanks to KLWP and Nova Launcher for their applications.

Resources & Download

The following links include folders to the respective .klwp files. ​

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